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How Long Does Aeration & Overseeding Take?

Posted on Mon, August 18, 2014

Notice any rough or dead patches or maybe areas that have worn away from high traffic in your lawn? Do you have areas of poor drainage? Or maybe there are spots in your commercial turf that brown easily on hot days or don’t seem to respond as well to regular fertilization treatments and watering.

Sometimes the turf on your Atlanta commercial property just needs a little space to breath and grow, as well as some filling in to ensure bare areas disappear.

We’re talking about aeration and overseeding, two core turf services that can keep an Atlanta commercial lawn thriving and looking more like those highly coveted golf course lawns every commercial property manager desires.

These practices can be quite effective at clearing up lawn problems — here’s a look at how long the techniques will actually take to work.

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What’s A Bioswale, And How Should You Landscape It?

Posted on Thu, August 14, 2014

Stormwater. Managing the flow of stormwater, no matter how slow or swift, is never easy. Low spots in the landscape can collect water from parking lot runoff, causing puddles that don’t dissipate easily. Ditches can not only be difficult to maintain, but they can also collect standing water that flows off nearby hardscape surfaces.

But there are some tools commercial property managers have at their disposal to help alleviate stormwater flow challenges.

One of these is called a bioswale. A bioswale is a conventional ditch or swale, modified and planted with appropriate native plants. These plants help increase water percolation and pollutant removal as stormwater flows through them. Bioswales can be aesthetically pleasing additions to an Atlanta commercial property—much nicer to look at than that an old ditch or large puddle—and they’re also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The biggest trick to having a properly working and aesthetically pleasing bioswale is to fill it with the right selection of plants that can adequately do their jobs filtering stormwater.

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Renewal & Remembrance: HighGrove Honors Veterans During Green Industry’s Largest Day of Service

Posted on Thu, August 07, 2014

There’s perhaps nowhere that captures exactly what service is all about other than Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, D.C.

Each year, more than 3 million people visit Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place for only those who have served our country. The cemetery performs nearly 7,000 funeral services each year. The impressive landscape, with its rolling green hills dotted with trees that are hundreds of years old, serves as a tribute to the service and sacrifice of the more than 400,000 laid to rest within its hallowed grounds.

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3 Maintenance Tasks With Big Bang For Your Buck

Posted on Thu, July 31, 2014

Having a well-maintained property is worth its weight in gold during the summer months, when everything is green and bursting with color.

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Need More Seasonal Summer Color? Here Are Our Favorite Full-Sun Stunners

Posted on Tue, July 29, 2014

Spring and summer color for Atlanta commercial properties is meant to do one thing: POP! Spring and summer annuals are designed to punch up an entry or other focal points of a property and wow anyone who views it, from tenants to passersby.

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Avoid Fines & Keep Your Retention & Detention Ponds Clean

Posted on Thu, July 24, 2014

How’s your retention or detention pond looking these days? How’s it working? Is there a lot of debris or trash in your pond? Does the vegetation around your pond seem overgrown?

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Landscape Enhancements to Improve Your Office Park’s Curb Appeal

Posted on Wed, July 16, 2014

When an office’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, the results speak for themselves.

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Want To Give Your Multifamily Property The Upper Hand? Add A Mental Oasis.

Posted on Thu, July 10, 2014

A recent survey done by Kingsley Associates asked multi-family residents what they think about outdoor amenities in their apartment communities. While different types of outdoor amenities vary between low-rise suburban to high-rise urban settings, all residents seem to enjoy and seek out communal outdoor spaces that foster social interaction.

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The Top 3 Ways to Manage Stormwater On Your Retail Property

Posted on Mon, July 07, 2014

A flooded parking lot at a retail property does more than cause soggy feet. It can negatively affect local water quality, cause erosion, chase away customers and give the entire property a bad name.

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What is Greywater, Exactly?

Posted on Wed, July 02, 2014

The term greywater is popping up quite often in sustainability circles when it comes to irrigation.

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